Private residential tenancy agreement (Scotland)

Use this agreement for a property in Scotland with up to 2 landlords and up to 5 tenants. It's broadly based on the Scottish Government's model tenancy agreement but with a number of differences. We've added extra clauses to give you more in-depth detail about your and the tenant's rights and obligations, such as:

  • More details on how the tenant should use, maintain and secure the property
  • Where and when notices from a local or statutory authority must be sent to you
  • Giving you access to the property to examine it during and before the end of the tenancy
  • What the tenant must do when the tenancy ends, including what happens to any property left behind
  • Specifying the interest to be charged on dishonoured rent payments
  • Protecting property insurance cover or premium payments from being voidable by a tenant
  • What happens if the property is destroyed or becomes uninhabitable
  • The rights and obligations relating to any adjoining property you own

To use this document the tenancy must be for the tenant's only or main home. It can be used for Houses in Multiple Occupation.

It should only be used by landlords who are individuals (rather than structured/acting as businesses).

It is not suitable for residential tenancies with at least 2 acres of land, agricultural tenancies, holiday lettings, lettings of social housing, student lettings by Universities or colleges, and lettings of purpose-built student accommodation containing 30 or more bedrooms.

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Private residential tenancy agreement (Scotland)
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