Notice under section 8 of the Housing Act 1988

This is the formal notice that you must serve on (i.e. give to) your tenant to tell them that you're seeking possession of your property due to current rent arrears. It also includes a schedule of rent arrears to accompany the notice.

Due to COVID-19, temporary measures in Wales have increased the minimum notice period that you need to give to tenants before you can start a claim for possession based on rent arrears. Similar temporary measures for properties in England have now ended.

If you've been told that your tenant has been granted 'breathing space' under the debt respite scheme, you can't send this notice during this period without first getting a court's permission.

Please note that this document can only be used in relation to properties in England or Wales, where either an assured or an assured shorthold tenancy agreement is in place. It is not suitable for seeking possession on any grounds other than rent arrears.

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Notice under section 8 of the Housing Act 1988
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