Possession claim notice: effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the tenant

When making a possession claim in England or Wales, new rules require you to tell the court what you know about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the tenants and their dependants (even if you don't know). You can do that with this document.

There are 3 situations where you'll need it:

1. When starting a new accelerated possession procedure (i.e. section 21) claim on or after 3 August 2020, sending it with claim form N5B.

2. To prepare for a review hearing (unless you're appealing a possession order). A notice of review will be sent by the court if you have a claim to recover possession and rent arrears. It will require you to send a bundle of documents, including this one.

2. At any possession hearing (i.e. under the section 8 or section 21 procedure) for claims that were made on or after 3 August 2020. You must bring 2 copies to the hearing and give a copy to the tenants at least 14 days before it.

Note: There's also a 4th situation where you might need it. Government COVID-19 renting guidance says that you should send this document when starting a new claim with claim forms N5 and N119 (i.e. having previously sent the tenant a section 8 notice). However, this advice contradicts the official court procedure rules, so it's unclear if you need to send this document in this situation or how the court will react if you don't. It may be safer to send it anyway, as there's no harm in doing so.

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Possession claim notice: effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the tenant
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