Request faulty building work to be fixed

If you have employed a builder whose work was faulty or who used materials which did not conform to the contract, use this letter to ask them to fix the faults free of charge. It warns that if they don't fix the work, you will employ another builder and recover the costs and/or reject the non-conforming goods.

This letter is suitable for use by a business or consumer. If you are a consumer and the contract was made after 1 October 2015, this letter includes your claim under the Consumer Rights Act to have the builder re-do the work and/or repair or replace the faulty materials. It warns that if the builder does not take such action, you will claim a price reduction and/or damages.

Note that in some situations (e.g if the faults are serious or dangerous and you can't risk further faulty work), it might be reasonable to skip this letter and move straight to the step of asking a new builder to fix the work and ask the original builder to pay the costs of a new builder.

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