Introducing Allianz Legal Assistance

Allianz Legal Assistance

Allianz Legal Assistance is designed to help you to manage a range of legal matters, from everyday needs like getting a refund for a faulty product or a delayed flight, to more complex issues such as making a will or power of attorney.

Conveniently available online, the Legal Assistance service includes hundreds of legal documents and letter templates which you can customise for your individual circumstances simply by completing an online questionnaire. You'll also get access to an extensive range of jargon-free law guides to help you understand your rights and obligations when dealing with a number of legal issues.

Step by step...

  1. Register using the unique voucher code supplied to you as part of your policy.
  2. Select the document or letter you need.
  3. Simply draft your document or letter online at a time convenient for you by answering our straightforward questionnaire.
  4. You'll receive your finalised document securely online, ready for printing and with full instructions for signing.

Want to know more?

Study our comprehensive FAQ to learn more about every aspect of Allianz Legal Assistance.